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                                    Calendar of Events
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Be sure to check the Calendar of Events frequently as events can be added, deleted,  or changed as late as the day before. 
                                                                 Pre-Registration is required for all paddles.
  To add an event to this listing, please contact Sharon at kayak4me2@gmail.com at least one business day prior to event.

2022        2022        2022        2022        2022        2022        2022        2022   

Pool Sessions now underway, or are they under water...  Please check with Joe Galloway for pricing and other specifics.    INDOOR POOL SESSIONS      Seven sessions.     Sundays 9-11 am    Owego High School
                          January 9(canceled due to icy roads), 23
                          February 6, 27
                          March 13, 27
                          April 10
POOL SESSIONS UPDATE  as of 01/23/22
​Dates of the 7 sessions:
January 23
February 6, 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10

Time: Sundays 9:00 -11:00 am
Location: OFA Aquatics Building, Owego, NY

February 28, 2022    Mon.    7:00 PM   Club Safety Meeting    ACKC Council Chairperson is Ruth Hopkins
                    Come one, come all.  It's our very first meeting of the 2022 season!  As usual we will
                           meet in the basement of the Central United Methodist Church located at
                                17 Nanticoke Avenue, which is Route 26, in the village of Endicott.
                                        Presenter: Ray Baker
                                        Program: Authored the book Canoe & Kayak Launches Near Binghamton, 
                                         worked with youth for 25 years teaching first aid, CPR, backpacking, canoeing,                                                         kayaking  and other skills, and conducted a dozen 50+ mile trips afoot or afloat, 
                                         Ray Baker will be bringing his training and experience to ACKC's spring Safety 
                                         Meeting, covering preparation, planning, prevention, and recovery.

March 28, 2022    Mon.    7:00PM    Club Meeting    Endicott    ACKC Council Chariperson:
                      As usual we will meet in the basement of the Central United Methodist Church located at 17                         Nanticoke Ave., which is Route 26, in the village of Endicott.
                                Presenter:  Ray Baker
                                Program: Global Positioning & River Gauge Usage.  This will be an training 
                                                session on understanding river gauge levels and other useful apps for 
                                               paddling & for tracking mileage..

April 23, 2022    Sat.    9AM - 3PM   Earth Fest     SUNY Broome Student Center              Merrill Douglas
                        Want free admission to this year's Earth Fest?  Just sign up with Merrill to help
                            with the ACKC booth.  Set up begins at 9AM. The  shifts run from 9 to 11, 
                                11 to 1, and 1 to 3 with break down at 3.  You will have plenty of
                                     opportunity to peruse the exhibits before and after your
                                            shift. You will never be left alone at the booth.

April 25, 2022    Mon.  7:00PM      Club Meeting    Endicott    ACKC Council Chairperson: Laura McEntire
                        As usual we will meet in the basement of the Central United Methodist Church located at
                           17 Nanticoke Ave. in Endicott. 
                                Presenter:Laura, Dave, Tim, Sharon
                                Program:  First Aid - Powerpoint by Ray 

May 11, 2022    Wed. 5:00 PM    Tioughnioga River    Yaman to Blodgett    Trip Leader: Dave Tanner
                        We will launch our annual mini sojourn at Yaman Park in Cortland. We will paddle 
                            downstream to Blodgett Mills.   Paddlers must be able to control their boats
                                in strong currents around possible strainers. Rain date will be Thursday.

May 18, 2022    Wed. 5:00 PM    Tioughnioga River    Blodgett to Messengerville Trip Leader: Dave Tanner
​                               You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                                      safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in 
                                          control in a strong current, etc. This 7 mile stretch of river may be slightly
                                              more difficult than the prior section. I.C.E. info necessary.
                                                Raindate is Thursday. 

May 21, 2022    Sat.  11:00am    Chemung River    Bottcher's Landing to Grove St.    Marilyn Wertman
                                This 9 mile paddle will begin in Big Flats and end in Elmira. This is a nice, gentle
                                    section of the Chemung. Be sure to arrive early since a shuttle is necessary.
                                        Bring water, lunch, and your ICE card. Contact Marliyn to sign up.

May 23, 2022    Mon.  7:00 PM    Club Meeting      First Central United Methodist Church            Council  
                                As usual, we will meet in the basement of the church. Use door nearest the 
                                    rear parking lot. Our meetings are open to the public. Covid restrictions
                                        are determined by the church.
                                                Presenter: Bruce Oldfield, professor emeritus @SUNY BCC
                                                Program: "Atmospheric Rivers" (a phenomenon caused by climate change)

May 25, 2022    Wed. 5:00 PM   Tioughnioga River     Messengerville to Killawog  Trip Leader: Dave Tanner
​                        You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                              safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in 
                                  control in a strong current, etc. This is a 9 mile paddle.    I.C.E. info 
                                    necessary.   CANCELED DUE TO UNSAFE CONIDITIONS

May 26, 2022  Thurs.  5:00PM   Susquehanna    Apalachin to  Marshland Road  Leader: Marilyn Wertman
                        The Apalachin DEC boat launch is accessible via Rt 434 or Rt 17 is an easy concrete ramp. 
                            The Owego Boat Launch is located on the western end of Marshland Road.  This will 
                                 be a short 5ish miles of gentle paddling and is appropriate for all levels of 
                                     paddling abilities.   Eagles  may  be  sighted  as  you  pass  by 
                                        Hiawatha Island.

May 29, 2022  Sun.     Chemung River          Wellsburg to Wilawana                Leader: Marilyn Wertman
                        Paddle 10.5 miles on the beautiful Chemung River. 

June 2-7, 2022   Fri.- Mon.    Cape Cod      Camp and Paddle           Waterways TBD         Helena Garan
         Camping at SHAWME-CROWELL STATE FOREST campground:                      https://www.reserveamerica.com/explore/shawme-crowell-state-forest/MA/32621/overview.
               This campground has 285 campsites, 15 miles of trails and roads, 6 yurts, but no
                     hookups. Bring your bikes since it’s close to the Cape Cod Canal Bike Way. 
                              Paddling scheduled for the 3rd thru the 6th of June. Departure will
                                  be on Tues, June 7th.  Make reservations on or after 
                                        February 22, 2022.

June 8, 2022    Wed. 4:30 PM    Tioughnioga River    Marathon to Whitney Point    Trip Leader: Dave Tanner
                                This will be a 9.5 mile paddle on moving water. Paddlers need to be able to
                                    control their boats in currents and shallow waters. There will be one 
                                        area which requires a "walk around". Remember a mask for the 
                                            shuttle. Please be ready to launch at 4:30.

June 15, 2022  Wed. 4:30 PM    Tioughnioga     Whitney Point to Chenango Forks    Trip Leader: Dave Tanner
                                This will be a 10 mile paddle on moving water. Paddlers will need the ability to
                                     start, stop, and maneuver their boats in currents. Sign up no later than 
                                        3 pm on Tuesday.

June 18, 2022  Sat.  11:00 AM   Owasco Inlet    Moravia, NY   8.5 miles        Trip Leader: Sharon Canfield
                                This delightful little "river" has a mild current and beautiful scenery.  This will be
                                    an "in-and-out" paddle so no shuttle is necessary.  The waters are calm 
                                        and appropriate for all levels of abilities. Plan on a minimum of 3.5 
                                            hours of paddling. We will stop for lunch before the return 
                                                the launch site.

June 22, 2022  Wed. 4:30 PM   Chenango River  Chenango Forks to Chenango Bridge  Leader: Dave Tanner
                                                    This part of the mini sojourn finishes the short distance remaining 
                                                        on the Tioughnioga River, then onto the Chenango. The total
                                                            distance for this leg is 8 scenic miles filled with wildlife.
                                                                Raindate: Thursday. Cancelled. Lack of water.

June 25, 2022  Sat.  11:00 AM   Seneca Lake to Hector Falls plus wildlife management area    Ruth Hopkins
                                                We will launch at the free lake access area at the intersection of 
                                                    Cass Road and State Route 414. Paddling a little more than
                                                        2 miles along the shoreline takes us to Hector Falls.
                                                            We will stop to enjoy the falls while eating our 
                                                                lunch. Returning to our launch site, we
                                                                    will explore the channel thru the

June 27, 2022    Mon. 7:00 PM    Club Meeting    Central United Methodist Church        Council
                                Join us for our last club meeting until fall.  A short business session will precede
                                    our program. The public is welcomed.
                                            Program Speaker: Rick Marsi, noted naturalist, photographer, and author
                                            Program Topic:  A Year in the Life of a Southern Tier Wetland

June 29, 2022  Wed. 4:30 PM   Chenango River    Chenango Forks to Chenango Bridge  Dave Tanner
​                                   Canceled due to a lack of water.

June 29, 2022     Wed. 5 PM      Upper Lisle to Otselic River             Sharon Canfield
                                 We will launch at the Upper Lisle Boat Launch and paddle upstream in the 
                                        Otselic River until we can't.  When we return to the launch site, we 
                                            will proceed to the wildlife sanctuary area unless the winds
                                                 are too strong or nightfall is upon us.

July 5-7, 2022 Tues.-Thurs.    Finger Lakes Exploration Project - Part One    Leaders: Marilyn & Helena
                        Paddle parts of the four most western Finger Lakes: Conesus, Hemlock, Canadice,
                            and Honeoye and stay at historic St. Michael's mission (Airbnb) in Conesus.
                                Stay  for all, or part of, the trip. Cost will be approx. $60.00. Participation
                                    is limited to club members only and will be capped at  16  paddlers.
                                      Contact Marilyn with questions or interest. swedekin@stny.rr.com

July 13, 2022      Wed.      4:30 PM          Whitney Point Reservoir    Leader: Sharon Canfield
                                        This lake is located within  Dorchester Park (free admission and bathrooms).
                                                We will launch at the park boat launch and paddle the lake
                                                        perimeter unless the wind drives us into the inlet.
                                                            No shuttle required. Paddle is suitable for 
                                                                all levels.
July 20, 2022    Wed.   4:30 PM  Harold Moore Park, Vestal to  Apalachin DEC Access  Leader:Sharon Canfield
                                        We begin the Susquehanna River series of paddles. This should be a
                                            paddle for all levels of ability. Shuttle is required. Masks are 
                                                necessary  for the shuttle. Driving directions will be 
                                                    provided.  canceled

July 27, 2022    Wed.   4:30PM       Apalachin DEC Access to Hickories Park         Leader: Sharon Canfield
                                        The Susquehanna River series continues.  This should be a
                                            paddle for all levels of ability. Shuttle with masks is
                                                required. There will be mud at Hickories.

Aug. 1,2,3, 2022  Mon., Tues., Wed.  Delaware River Camp & Paddle    Trip Leader:  Donna Brisco
                 The Cottage on the Delaware will serve as our base camp as we paddle the 3 different sections
                      of the magnificent Delaware River.  There are limited sleeping areas within the cottage, 
                          buts lots of camping room on the lawn.  Bathroom facilities within the cottage will
                              be available to all participants.  Everyone will share the cost of this paddle
                                   venue.   More information will be forthcoming.   

Aug. 3, 2022    Wed.  4:30 PM (Need a leader not attending the Delaware trip to head this up.)

Aug. 7, 2022    Sunday   1:00 PM     Annual Club Picnic     Dorchester Park          Hospitality Committee
                            Come one, come all!  This dish-to-pass picnic is open to members, their families
                                and friends. Chef Dave and crew will be cooking chicken speidies, burgers,
                                    and sweet corn. There will be a 50-50 raffle to help offset the picnic
                                        expenses.  The pre-picnic paddle is weather dependent.  The 
                                            picnic activity will be announced when decided. Please
                                                sign up with Chef Dave so that he knows how
                                                     much to prepare.

Aug. 8, 2022      Mon.    11:00 AM    Otisco Lake            Leader: Helena Garan
                                        We will continue our exploration of the Finger Lakes by paddling
                                            Otisco Lake. It's probably about an hour's drive for those
                                                coming from the lower Southern Tier.  We will gather
                                                    at the DEC launch on West Valley Road at  
                                                        11:00AM.  Please register by 
                                                            Saturday, August 6th.

Aug. 11, 2022    Thurs.    11:00 AM            Tully Lake                    Leader: Sharon Moss
                                        All club members have a personal invite from Sharon Moss to 
                                                join her at a cottage she has rented to paddle this
                                                        pleasant little lake. 

Aug. 17, 2022     Wed.    4:30    Hickories Park to Nichols East          Leader: Sharon Canfield
                                    Canceled: inadequate response

Aug. 26, 2022    Fri.    11:00 AM      Staghorn Cliffs          Skaneateles Lake             Leader: Marilyn Wertman
                                      This is an in-and-out paddle with a launch at the DEC fishing access located 
                                         at the south end of the lake. There is plenty of parking and a concrete 
                                             ramp.  There is a $5 launch fee per boat. The distance to the 
                                                cliffs is about 3.5 miles. There will be the opportunity to 
                                                    swim and to enjoy your bagged lunch at the cliffs.
                                                        Raindate: Monday, the 29th.

Sept. 8,9,10,11    Thurs.-Sun.     Fish Creek Camp & Paddle        Trip Leader: Barb Hall
                        Come and paddle for all, or part of, this event. Each day a different venue will
                            be paddled. Meals can be a joint effort or on your own. Make your own
                                camping reservations at the campground. Evening campfires are
                                    enjoyed by all.

Sept. 10, 2022      Sat.    Susquehanna R.    Hickories Park to Nichols East        Leader: Marilyn Wertman

Sept. 24, 2022    Sat.      Chenango River    Oxford to Brisben     10 miles       Leader: Marilyn Wertman

Sept. 26, 2022    Mon.    7:00 PM    Club Meeting in  Vestal       Hosts: Donna Brisco & Mike Colwell
                                    Come one, come all!  This will be a meeting around the bonfire. Dress 
                                        for the weather.  Hotdogs for roasting will be provided. Bring a 
                                            snack if you wish. Bring your own drinks and lawn chair.
                                                 Bonfire will be in Donna and Mike's backyard.
                                                         See your club email notification for 

Oct. 2, 2022    Sun.  Tioughnioga R.  Whitney Point to Chenango Forks   10 miles    Leader: M. Wertman

Oct. 15 & 16, 2022  Camp & Paddle the Pine Barrens Rivers of Southern New Jersey    Trip Leader: Tim Brown
                    Camping at Bass River State Park, 762 Stage Road, Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087
                        Participants must register with Tim by 9/11/22.  Arrive on 10/14/22. Paddle on
                           10/15 & 10/16.  Leave on 10/17/22.   Possible rivers to paddle are the
                               Oswego, Wading, Batsto, or Mullica.  These small rivers meander 
                                    thru the Pine and Cedar forests on the coastal plain of 
                                        So. NJ. The historic Batso Village will be holding 
                                            their annual fair on Sun., the 16th. Note:
                                                make your own camp reservations.
​                       Cancelled due to unfortunate circumstances. 

Oct. 15, 2022       Sat.       Noon            Owasco Inlet            Leader: Marilyn Wertman
                        This will be an In-and-out paddle beginning at the Cayuga public fishing access
                             parking area.  The current is gentle and the scenery awesome.  The 
                                    distance to the Route 38 bridge is about 4 + miles. The return                                                                                         trip is a gentle float with the current allowing us to         
                                                 collect trash from the waterway.

Oct. 24, 2022    Mon.   7:00 PM    Club Meeting          Central United Methodist Church 
                                    A brief business meeting will be followed by Ruth Hopkins' presentation about
                                        the rivers we paddle.  No covid restrictions necessary.  Refreshments
                                            may be shared. 

Oct. 29, 2022    Sat.    11:00 AM    Cayuga Lake /Ithaca Canals/Farmers Market    Marilyn Wertman
                                    Last hurrah paddle!  Launching at the Allan Treman State Marine Park,
                                        we will visit the south end of the lake and the canals. We will stop
                                             at the Farmers' Market for lunch. Buy or bring your own.

Nov. 5, 2022    Sat.    11:00 AM        Upper Lisle/ Lower Otselic River            Helena Garan
                                    We will launch from the Upper Lisle DEC Fishing Access.  We will 
                                        paddle up the Otselic River until we can go no further due to 
                                                current and/or water level.  We will also have the 
                                                      opportunity to paddle in and around the 
                                                            bird sanctruary  just south of the
                                                                launch area.

Nov. 14, 2022    Mon. 6:00 PM        Club Meeting: Annual Awards Banquet                 Hospitality Committee
                            Doors will open at 5:30 PM to allow for the committee to set up and decorate  the tables.
                                This dish-to-pass affair will begin at 6:00 PM. In addition to bringing a large dish-to-
                                    pass, please bring a wrapped item for the gift table. Laura will be organizing the 
                                        gift distribution activity.  Recognition certificates for club sponsored trip 
                                            mileage achievements, trip leaders, etc. will be awarded. 

2021        2021        2021        2021        2021        2021        2021        2021        

​Jan. 11, 2021      Mon.       6:00 PM      ACKC Council Meeting    via   Zoom                                          ACKC        Council
                                                         Yearly planning to set dates and programs  for club monthly meetings.

Feb. 22, 2021     Mon.       7:00 PM      ACKC Club Meeting         via    Zoom                                          ACKC       Council
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Laura 
                                                        Presenter:  Myra Shulman
                                                        Program:  Paddle Opportunities at Land Trust Sites
                                                            One of the POSITIVE results of limited paddle opportunities due to 
                                                            pandemic restrictions and low water levels was the discovery of new
                                                            paddle venues which were part of, or adjacent to, a Finger Lake Land Trust. 
                                                            Many of these areas also offer hiking and biking opportunities.

March 22, 2021   Mon.      7:00 PM       ACKC Club Meeting        via   Zoom                                          ACKC     Council                
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Donna Brisco
                                                        Presenter - Judi Hall
                                                        Program - Wetlands Flora
                                                            Back by popular demand, Judi has expanded her 2020 presentation of wetland
                                                            plants.  As a result of Judi's 2020 presentation, many Ahwagans began seeking 
                                                            and identifying these plants. This exploring (and almost a competition) resulted 
                                                            in discovering new paddle venues and expanding our plant identification skills.

April 23, 2021    Fri.       7:30  PM     Trip Leaders Meeting    via Zoom                                    Sharon Canfield
                                                                    We will review and update the Covid restrictions, discuss shuttle procedures 
                                                                        during covid, review ACKC trip leader guidelines, check method of recording 
                                                                            and reporting trips to the ACA,  examine mentoring prospective trip leaders, 
                                                                                consider procedure of scheduling paddles, and any other concerns
                                                                                   of leaders.  This meeting is open to the ACKC membership body.

April 26, 2021    Mon.    7:00 PM        ACKC  Club Meeting        via Zoom                                            ACKC Council
                                                                 Business Meeting Chair - Ray Baker
                                                                   Presenter - Ray Baker
                                                                     Program - Paddle Safety

May 19, 2021    Wed.    4:30 PM    Tioughnioga  River       Yaman  to  Blodgett Mills    (shuttle)      4 miles+                  Dave Tanner
                                                                * You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate
                                                                    safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, to be in control 
                                                                      in a strong current, etc..
                                                                       * Current Covid Restrictions will be announced.

May 24, 2021    Mon.    7:00 PM        ACKC Club Meeting         via     Zoom                                        ACKC     Council
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Ray Baker
                                                        Presenter - Emily Marino, executive director of the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed
                                                        Program -   River Friends 2021.
                                                        We will  enjoy a look back at the organization over the years, as well as an overview of these
                                                        upcoming programs: Weekend Kayak Rentals on the Chemung, Riverside Plein (sic) Air                                                                       Watercolor  Workshop, Riverside Trails Yoga and Meditation Class, Knowledge Among the Pine                                                           Trees  Program, and much more! To learn about all the goings-on for the Chemung River, 
                                                        tune into this zoom meeting and meet our new director!"

May 26, 2021    Wed.   5:00 PM    Tioughnioga  River        Blodgett Mills to Messengerville (shuttle)    Dave Tanner
                                                               *You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                                                                    safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in 
                                                                       control in a strong current, etc.  This stretch of river is usually slightly
                                                                          more difficult than the prior section, which turned out to be very
                                                                            active water last week. Raindate is Thursday.

June 3-7, 2021 Thurs. - Mon.    Cape Cod Paddle and Camp       Nickerson State Park       Helena Garan 
                                                Arrive at campground on Thursday  and begin scheduled paddles on Friday.  Helena is 
                                                    working with an experienced local paddler to schedule paddle locations and times.  
                                                       Since our location is ocean side, the weather will be a major factor.  Fortunately, 
                                                          this area has many non-paddling areas to explore.  Don't forget your bike!  
                                                            Amazing bike paths await you.  You may participate in all or parts of 
                                                                event.  Early reservations recommended.   BYO equipment and 
                                                                   supplies.  No chuck wagon at this event.  BE SURE YOU 
                                                                      HAVE READ THE SPECIAL DOCUMENTATION
                                                                        NEEDED TO ENTER THE STATE!

June 9, 2021   Wed.    4:30 PM  Tioughnioga River        Messengerville to Killawog     (shuttle)                   Dave Tanner
                                                             This is usually the most difficult section of the river, but we know that rivers, 
                                                                especially this one, can change from day to day. We will update when the 
                                                                  date becomes nearer.  Masks are needed for the shuttle.  Rain date is

June 16, 2021   Wed.     4:30   PM   Tioughnioga River   Killawog  to  Whitney Point    (shuttle)                  Dave Tanner
                                                                  *You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                                                                        safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in 
                                                                          control in a strong current, etc. This stretch of river is usually easier
                                                                             than the prior sections.   Mask is required for the shuttle.
                                                                                  Raindate is Thursday.

June 20, 2021   Sun.    11:00 AM         Clyde River and Erie Canal     (out-n-back)                                       Ruth Hopkins
                                                                      A paddle for all abilities on flat water with faint current...  Experience moving through
                                                                          a lock.  Proximity to the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge should offer
                                                                             a variety of waterfowl to observe.

June 23,  2021  Wed.    4:30    PM    Tioughnioga River    Whitney Point  to  Chenango Forks  10 miles  (shuttle)   Dave Tanner
                                                                  You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                                                                          safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in 
                                                                              control in a strong current, etc.  Mask is required for the shuttle.
                                                                                        Raindate is Thursday.

June 26, 2021  Sat.    10:30 AM    Chenango River     Brisben  to Greene (Ball Flats)    7 miles   (shuttle)   Marilyn Wertman
                                                                This paddle was a favorite of our friend Dennis Healey.  It has now been 2 years
                                                                        since  we've last seen him.  Let's have a nice paddle and send him
                                                                          warm thoughts along the way.

June 28, 2021    Mon.   7:00 PM        Club Meeting     via    Zoom                                      ACKC      Council
                                                 Business Meeting Chair:
                                                 Program Presenter:  Jim , past Executive Director of the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed
                                                 Program: The Mighty Osprey
                                                                    Jim's presentation includes PowerPoint with photos, videos and interesting info
                                                                    about one of nature's coolest birds - the osprey. Because it is at the top of the 
                                                                    food chain, it's presence signifies that the river is clean and bountiful.
                                                                    Discover how the osprey mates for life, dives into water to snag fish and flies more 
                                                                    than 2,000 miles at a time to migrate. 

June 30, 2021    Wed.  4:30  PM    Chenango River       Chenango Forks  to   Chenango Bridge   (shuttle)   Dave Tanner
                                                You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate 
                                                        safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, able to be in
                                                                   control in a strong current, etc. Mask is required for the shuttle.
                                                                                                  Raindate is Thursday.
                                                                                                Postponed due to inclement weather.

July 4, 2021    Sunday    10:30 AM    Chemung River     Wellsburg to Wilawana        10 miles            Marilyn Wertman

July 7, 2021    Wed. 4:30  PM      Chenango/Susquehanna Rivers   Chenango Bridge to Lourdes Hospital   Dave Tanner
                                                                Postpone due to poor weather on Wed. and on rain date (Thursday).

July 11, 2021     Sunday      1:30 PM      Otselic River    Willet to Upper Lisle        10 miles              Shuttle       Sharon Canfield
                                                            This river is mostly rural and abounds with wildlife in a quiet setting.  The current is
                                                                 good until the mudflats at the end of the paddle. The Otselic feeds the Whitney 
                                                                    Point  Lake at Dorchester.  You will need to be able to control your boat in 
                                                                        a current, find eddies, navigate safely around obstacles, etc.
                                                                                Postponed due to heavy rains.

July 14, 2021       Wed.        4:30 PM         Little York & Goodale Lakes    (no shuttle)             Sharon Canfield   
                                                            Little York and Goodale Lakes offer a pleasant, relaxing paddle on flat water.  
                                                               This paddle is appropriate for all levels of experience or inexperience.
                                                                      Little York Park is easily reached via I-81 or RTs 38 & 281.

July 22, 2021   Thurs.        2 PM        Otselic River      Willet to Upper Lisle        10 miles        Shuttles     Sharon Canfield
                                                            Please see description under the July 11th entry.  You will have the option of the entire 
                                                                 trip or Willet to Landers Corners or Landers Corners to Upper Lisle.  I will figure out
                                                                     the shuttle necessities. 

July 25 - 28, 2021       Sat. thru Wed.    NEW Camp and Paddle   Four Mile Creek State Park Campground      Ruth Hopkins
​                                           Please register with Ruth before making your reservations at the Four Mile Creek                              
                                                  campground. You may participate in all, or part of, this paddle experience. 
                                                        Some of the participants will be staying for the entire week. This is a
                                                            great place for biking too.

                                                                              MILE CREEK EVENT.

July 31, 2021  Sat.   11:00 AM         Chenango River      Chenango Forks to Chenango Bridge     10  Miles       Tim Brown
​                                           Participants must be able to control their boats in moving water.  Limited to 12 paddlers. 
                                                                    Canceled due to lack of response.

Aug.  1,  2021    Sunday     2:00 PM           Annual Club Picnic               Dorchester Park                                 Marilyn Wertman
                                                            Please preregister  for this event so that we can purchase the appropriate amount of 
                                                                meat.  Text Sharon at 607-379-3137.  This event is for members  (past and
                                                                     present ) and their families.  Bring a LARGE dish to pass and your own 
                                                                            beverage and tableware.  Chef David is preparing chicken 
                                                                                spiedies, hamburgers, and hotdogs.  He will also offer
                                                                                     his delicious roasted corn-on-the-cob.   Please
                                                                                        bring chairs so that we can social distance
                                                                                              while we eat. Register by July 26th.

August 1, 2021   Pre-Picnic Paddle     Sun. AM       Otselic                                                                Marilyn Wertman
​                                                                   Canceled due to impending thunderstorms. 

Aug. 4, 2021  Wed. 4:30 PM Susquehanna River  Appalachin to Hiawatha Island  to  Owego Fishing Access Sharon Canfield
                                                       This is typically an easy paddle suitable for all levels.  Vaccinated guests are welcome, but 
                                                          you must contact the trip leader by registration deadline for special instructions.  We will 
                                                            stop at Hiawatha Island to eat your bagged supper and to check out the eagle's nest. 
                                                              Then we will paddle around the island and land at the fishing access.

August 11, 2021    Wed.  4:30 PM     Susquehanna River         Owego  to   Nichols   (shuttle)                           Sharon Canfield
                                                                We will begin at the Owego ballpark, launching into the Owego Creek,
                                                                     and paddle to the first fishing access in Nichols.  Once again this 
                                                                         should be a fairly easy paddle open to all levels of ability. 
                                                                             Vaccinated Guests must contact the trip leader for 
                                                                                special instructions.

Aug. 15, 2021    Sunday   10:30 AM    Upper Susquehanna   (In-and-Out Paddle)   10 miles    Marty Cuff and Sharon Canfield   
​                                                        Marty will guide us on this relaxing paddle on the Upper Susquehanna, 
                                                            from #138 Crumhorn Pond Fishing Access Site to Milford and back.   
                                                                  As most of the trip is on water backed up from the dam on 
                                                                     Goodyear Lake, the  current is not a factor.                                                   

August   2021    Camp & Paddle at Sedge Island                            New Jersey                                              Helena Garan
                                                Pre-registration is required. Number of participants is limited to 15.
​                                                   CANCELED due to the Pandemic: SEDGE ISLAND IS RESTRICTING VISITATIONS
                                                         TO  LIMITED DAYTIME EVENTS FOR THE 2021 SEASON.  WE WILL LOOK
                                                                 FORWARD TO THE 2022 SEASON.

August 18, 2021  Wed.     No Paddle possible due to torrential rains and flash flooding warnings.

August 24, 2021  Tuesday      10:30AM      Owasco Inlet     Town of Moravia Fishing Access    (no shuttle)       Marilyn Wertman
                                                       This miniature "river" offers a leisurely paddling opportunity for all levels.  You 
                                                            will paddle upstream against a minimal current, beach for lunch,  then
                                                                 return to the launch site.  This scenic waterway offers a variety of
                                                                     plant life teeming with wildlife: wading whitetail deer, silky
                                                                        mink, green mini frogs, etc. This waterway is a popular 
                                                                            fishing location.

August 27, 2021    Friday    9:30 AM    Chenango River    Oxford to Brisben    10 Miles    Shuttle           Marilyn Wertman  
                                                            Although Marilyn is the trip leader, she has arranged with Ray Baker to be the 
                                                                river guide for this part of the Chenango. This is NOT a paddle for the 
                                                                    novice.  You must be able to manuever your boat safely around 
                                                                        strainers, to stop and turn your boat quickly, and to pay
                                                                             attention to the river. Masks are required for the
                                                                                 shuttle. Participants limited to ACKC/ACA 
                                                                                    members only. No guests.

August 31, 2021    Tuesday    11:00 AM    Otselic River    Willet to Upper Lisle    10 Miles     Shuttle    Sharon Canfield
                                                                                This paddle is not for the beginner.  Participants must be able to 
                                                                                        control their boats in order to avoid sudden strainers
                                                                                              in strong currents.  This small  scenic river 
                                                                                                  offers an abundance of wildlife in a
                                                                                                     very rural setting.

September 4, 2021   Sat.  11:00 AM  Chemung River   Bottcher's Landing, Big Flats to Grove Street, Elmira   Marilyn Wertman
                                                    This is a nine mile paddle with some fun spots!  You must be able to control
                                                           your boat through chutes.  The Chemung is mostly a rock bottom 
                                                                 waterway usually offering clear water with lots of visibility.
                                                                     Masks are required for the shuttle.

September 8-12  Wed. thru Sun.           Fish Creek Camp and Paddle             Different venues each day               Barb Hall
                                    You must register with Barb to attend this event. You may paddle as many or few times as you wish.  
                                Some  days there may be more than one paddle opportunity from which to choose. Paddles are planned 
                                on suggestions from the group, although event leader (Barb) has final say.  You are responsible for 
                                making your own camping reservations at Fish Creek.  "Walk-ins" have always been available, but Fish 
                                Creek is unique each year.  
                                                    Wed.: Arrive and set up camp.
                                                        Thurs.: Day paddle
                                                            Fri: Day Paddle
                                                                Sat.: Day Paddle
                                                                    Sun.: Break camp and drag on home

September 7, 2021  Tuesday  1:00 PM     Dorothy Mcllroy Bird Sanctuary     Summerhill/Lake Como    Sharon Canfield
                                            A favorite from last year... This easy and relaxing paddle explores the extensive marsh at the 
                                                  southern end of Lake Como. This area is part of the Finger Lakes Land Trust.  Although
                                                       it is a protected area, public fishing and paddling are permitted.  We will extend 
                                                            the paddle into the lake and under the bridge into the inlet.  This is an in 
                                                                and out paddle of approximately 4 miles.  Beavers love it here!

September 11, 2021   Saturday    11:00 AM    Ithaca Canals            No shuttle necessary                          Sharon Canfield
                                                     Another favorite from the past...This is another easy and relaxing paddle suitable 
                                                        for all levels.  Our launch site will be near Cass Park and is rumored to be
                                                            mud free.  We will paddle to the Hog's Hole Wildlife Area, then back 
                                                                to the Cayuga Inlet as far as the Weir.  Next will be the 6 Mile 
                                                                    Creek, then into the Barge Canal and back to the launch.

September 19, 2021  Sunday   10:30 AM    Tioughnioga River    Whitney Point to Chenango Forks   Marilyn Wertman
                                                This paddle is suitable for anyone who can control their boat.  The waters are fairly
                                                    tame, but of course, there is always the exception should an unexpected strainer 
                                                        appear. The distance is about 10 miles, but it's all downhill!  Remember your
                                                               mask for the shuttle. 

September 27, 2021    Monday    7 PM    Club Meeting    Central United Methodist Church   Endicott,    ACKC Council
                                                    Please join us to our first in-person meeting of the year!  CDC guidelines will 
                                                        be observed so remember your mask.  Refreshments will not be served.
                                                            Our program will feature a video which highlights the rich variety of
                                                                outdoor clubs in our area.  Along with the ACKC, we'll learn
                                                                    about the activities of the  Triple  Cities   Hiking    Club, 
                                                                        the Sierra Club, the Naturalists' Club,  Waterman
                                                                            Conservation Education Center, Triple Cities
                                                                                Ski Club, and the Southern Tier Bicycle
                                                                                    Club.  Hope to see a great turnout!

September 28, 2021    Tuesday      11AM      Owasco Inlet     Moravia       No Shuttle Necessary      Sharon Canfield
                                                           The Owasco Inlet is an easy and relaxing paddle on quiet water surrounded
                                                                 by nature.   This paddle is appropriate for all skill levels.  The main
                                                                        channel will be our focus. If time allows we may explore the
                                                                             side channels.  We will paddle upstream, break for
                                                                                    lunch, then float back downstream,     

October  2, 2021       Saturday     10:30AM       Chemung & Susquehanna Rivers     11 miles       Shuttle     Marilyn Wertman 
​                                                               This paddle begins on the beautiful and scenic Chemung River in Sayre at 
                                                                    Tozer's Landing.  At the confluence of the two rivers is the perfect 
                                                                        spot to stop, stretch our legs, and eat lunch. This is a favorite
                                                                              swimming spot, however, it  may be  too cold except 
                                                                                 for the polar bears. Then we will continue onto
                                                                                     our destination  in  Ulster, PA   on the
                                                                                          Susquehanna River.
October 7, 2021    Thursday    10:30 AM    Delaware River    Hancock to Lordville    Shuttle    Tim Brown  & Sharon Canfield
                                                                  Paddle the East Branch of the scenic Delaware from Hancock to Lordville 
                                                                        which is about a 9 mile paddle on active water.  There will be a 
                                                                                break for lunch about half way.  Masks are necessary for
                                                                                        the shuttle only.  Remember to carry your I.C.E.
                                                                                                card in your PFD.    

October 12, 2021 Tuesday  10:30 AM  Cayuga-Seneca Canal, Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge        Sharon Canfield   
                                                                   Paddle through the undeveloped Montezuma National Wildlife Area lands.
                                                                       We head under the bridges for Routes 5 & 20 and the State Thruway.
                                                                             Once pass the noisy highway you'll be surrounded by the songs
                                                                                  of a variety of birds.  The little islands will be circled
                                                                                        before continuing northward to the Seneca 
                                                                                            River.  (We will NOT be turning onto
                                                                                                  Clyde River on this trip.)      

October 20, 2021     Wednesday    Noon      Chenango River           Brisben to Greene     7 Miles            Marilyn Wertman
                                                                      We will paddle the fairly easy portion of the Chenango River from
                                                                             Brisben to Greene.  A shuttle is necessary so a mask must
                                                                                 be worn while in the shuttle car.  The air temperature
                                                                                     is predicted for the low 70s.  This could be our
                                                                                         one of our last paddles of the season.

October 25, 2021    Monday    7:00 PM    ACKC Club Meeting    Bon Fire at Donna and Mikes' Vestal Home        Council
                                                                    Join us for our monthly outdoor meeting.  We will enjoy a warm bonfire
                                                                         in the backyard of Donna and Mikes' place in Vestal.   A brief 
                                                                               meeting will be followed by fun around the bonfire. 
                                                                                    Hotdogs will be provided to roast. Please
                                                                                        bring your own drink, a chair, and
                                                                                            warm clothes for the outdoors.

November 11, 2021       Thursday  1:30 PM       Dryden Lake Park Paddle        In-and-Out                   Sharon Canfield
                                                                   Could be the last organized paddle of the season.  This will be a lazy day
                                                                              float on this small lake, home to turtles, water fowl, beavers,
                                                                                        and large fish.   We will poke around in the nooks 
                                                                                                 and crannies...wrong season to be
                                                                                                       chased by nesting geese!
                                                                                                             The launch is 

November 15, 2021       Monday        6:30 PM             Annual Banquet and Awards Night                       ACKC Council 
                                                                Join  us for our annual dish-to-pass feast.  Admission is a dish-to-pass.
                                                                        We will meet an half hour earlier than usual to allow time
                                                                                for good eating and conversation. Bring an item
                                                                                      for  the  prize  table,  a  mask,  your  own
                                                                                           table  service,  and  drink.   Covid
                                                                                               procedures  will be followed 
                                                                                                    to allow for safe dining.



​ Dates of the 7 sessions:
January 23
February 6, 13, 27
March 13, 27
April 10

Time: Sundays 9:00 -11:00 am
Location: OFA Aquatics Building,