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                                    Calendar of Events
        DATE     &      TIME             EVENT                           LOCATION                                           TRIP OR EVENT  LEADER

Be sure to check the Calendar of Events frequently as events can be added, deleted,  or changed as late as the day before. 
                                                                 Pre-Registration is required for all paddles.
  To add an event to this listing, please contact Sharon at kayak4me2@gmail.com at least one business day prior to event.

​Jan. 11, 2021      Mon.       6:00 PM      ACKC Council Meeting    via   Zoom                                          ACKC        Council
                                                         Yearly planning to set dates and programs  for club monthly meetings.

Feb. 22, 2021     Mon.       7:00 PM      ACKC Club Meeting         via    Zoom                                          ACKC       Council
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Laura 
                                                        Presenter:  Myra Shulman
                                                        Program:  Paddle Opportunities at Land Trust Sites
                                                            One of the POSITIVE results of limited paddle opportunities due to 
                                                            pandemic restrictions and low water levels was the discovery of new
                                                            paddle venues which were part of, or adjacent to, a Finger Lake Land Trust. 
                                                            Many of these areas also offer hiking and biking opportunities.

March 22, 2021   Mon.      7:00 PM       ACKC Club Meeting        via   Zoom                                          ACKC     Council                
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Donna Brisco
                                                        Presenter - Judi Hall
                                                        Program - Wetlands Flora
                                                            Back by popular demand, Judi has expanded her 2020 presentation of wetland
                                                            plants.  As a result of Judi's 2020 presentation, many Ahwagans began seeking 
                                                            and identifying these plants. This exploring (and almost a competition) resulted 
                                                            in discovering new paddle venues and expanding our plant identification skills.

April 23, 2021    Fri.       7:30  PM     Trip Leaders Meeting    via Zoom                                    Sharon Canfield
                                                                    We will review and update the Covid restrictions, discuss shuttle procedures 
                                                                        during covid, review ACKC trip leader guidelines, check method of recording 
                                                                            and reporting trips to the ACA,  examine mentoring prospective trip leaders, 
                                                                                consider procedure of scheduling paddles, and any other concerns
                                                                                   of leaders.  This meeting is open to the ACKC membership body.

April 26, 2021    Mon.    7:00 PM        ACKC  Club Meeting        via Zoom                                            ACKC Council
                                                                 Business Meeting Chair - Ray Baker
                                                                   Presenter - Ray Baker
                                                                     Program - Paddle Safety

May 19, 2021    Wed.    4:30 PM    Tioughnioga  River       Yaman  to  Blodgett Mills    (shuttle)                        Dave Tanner
                                                                * You must be able to control your boat: able to stop, able to recognize and navigate
                                                                    safely around hazards, able to recognize and utilize eddies, to be in control 
                                                                      in a strong current, etc..
                                                                       * Current Covid Restrictions will be announced.

May 24, 2021    Mon.    7:00 PM        ACKC Club Meeting         via     Zoom                                        ACKC     Council
                                                        Business Meeting Chair - Ray Baker
                                                        Presenter - Emily Marino, executive director of the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed
                                                        Program -   River Friends 2021.
                                                        We will  enjoy a look back at the organization over the years, as well as an overview of these
                                                        upcoming programs: Weekend Kayak Rentals on the Chemung, Riverside Plein (sic) Air                                                                       Watercolor  Workshop, Riverside Trails Yoga and Meditation Class, Knowledge Among the Pine                                                           Trees  Program, and much more! To learn about all the goings-on for the Chemung River, 
                                                        tune into this zoom meeting and meet our new director!"

May 26, 2021    Wed.   4:30 PM    Tioughnioga  River        Blodgett Mills to Messengerville (shuttle)    Dave Tanner

June 2, 2021     Wed.  TBA

June 3-7, 2021 Thurs. - Mon.    Cape Cod Paddle and Camp       Nickerson State Park       Helena Garan 
                                                Arrive at campground on Thursday  and begin scheduled paddles on Friday.  Helena is 
                                                    working with an experienced local paddler to schedule paddle locations and times.  
                                                       Since our location is ocean side, the weather will be a major factor.  Fortunately, 
                                                          this area has many non-paddling areas to explore.  Don't forget your bike!  
                                                            Amazing bike paths await you.  You may participate in all or parts of 
                                                                event.  Early reservations recommended.   BYO equipment and 
                                                                   supplies.  No chuck wagon at this event.  BE SURE YOU 
                                                                      HAVE READ THE SPECIAL DOCUMENTATION
                                                                        NEEDED TO ENTER THE STATE!

June 9, 2021   Wed.    4:30 PM   TBA

June 16, 2021   Wed.     4:30   PM   Tioughnioga River

June 23,  2021  Wed.    4:30    PM    Chenango River

June 28, 2021    Mon.    Club Meeting     via    Zoom                                      ACKC      Council
                                                 Business Meeting Chair:
                                                 Program Presenter:  Jim , past Executive Director of the Friends of the Chemung River Watershed
                                                 Program: The Mighty Osprey
                                                                    Jim's presentation includes PowerPoint with photos, videos and interesting info
                                                                    about one of nature's coolest birds - the osprey. Because it is at the top of the 
                                                                    food chain, it's presence signifies that the river is clean and bountiful.
                                                                    Discover how the osprey mates for life, dives into water to snag fish and flies more 
                                                                    than 2,000 miles at a time to migrate. 

June 30, 2021    Wed.  4:30  PM    Chenango River

July 7, 2021    Wed. 4:30  PM

July 14, 2021    Wed.  4:30 PM

July 21, 2021    Wed.  4:30 PM

July 25 - 28, 2021    Sat. thru Wed.   NEW    Camp and Paddle    Four Mile Creek State Park Campground    Ruth Hopkins

                                            Please register with Trip Leader, Ruth Hopkins before making your reservations for the 
                                           campground.  You may participate in all, or part of, this paddle experience.  Some of the participants will                                            be staying for the entire week. This is a great place for biking, too.  Trip is in the planning stages.  More                                             information to come.

July 28, 2021    Wed.  4:30  PM

August 1, 2021    Sun.    1:30 PM    Annual Club Picnic    Dorchester Park     Whitney Point              Marilyn Wertman
                                                Come one, come all!    Open to all ACKC members, their families and friends.  Meat will be
                                                      provided by the club. Participants should bring a large dish-to-pass and their own 
                                                            beverage.  Bring a lawn chair so that we can social distance.  Water activity 
                                                                will be announced as the date nears. 

August 4, 2021    Wed. 4:30 PM

August 11, 2021  Wed. 4:30 PM

August 18, 2021    Wed.  4:30  PM

August  25, 2021    Wed.  4:30  PM

August    tba, 2021    Camp & Paddle at Sedge Island    New Jersey        Helena Garan
                                                Pre-registration is required. Number of participants is limited to 15.
​                                                   CANCELED: SEDGE ISLAND IS RESTRICTING VISITATIONS TO  LIMITED
                                                        DAYTIME EVENTS FOR THE 2021 SEASON.  WE WILL LOOK FORWARD
                                                            TO THE 2022 SEASON.

September 1, 2021    Wed.  4:30 PM

September 8-12  Wed. thru Sun.  Fish Creek Camp and Paddle                                                                Barb Hall
                                    You must register with Barb to attend this event. You may paddle as many or few times as you wish.  
                                Some  days there may be more than one paddle opportunity from which to choose. Paddles are planned 
                                on suggestions from the group, although event leader (Barb) has final say.  You are responsible for 
                                making your own camping reservations at Fish Creek.  "Walk-ins" have always been available, but Fish 
                                Creek is unique each year.  
                        Wed.: Arrive and set up camp.
                        Thurs.: Day paddle
                        Fri: Day Paddle
                        Sat.: Day Paddle
                        Sun.: Break camp and drag on home

September 15, 2021

September 22, 2021

September 29, 2021