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March 25, 2024

Kelly Bates began the meeting at 7:10 p.m. Welcome to guests Bruce Oldfield and Mykal Cave.

Minutes of the February 26, 2024, meeting were distributed via e-mail to all members. There being no corrections, Dave Tanner moved, seconded by Kent Foster, to accept the minutes; the motion carried with all in favor.  

Donna Brisco reported the Treasury for March 2024 had a beginning balance of $939.25. There was one deposit of $105.00 for memberships and one withdrawal of $105.00 for the picnic pavilion rental. The ending balance remained $939.25. Barb Hall moved, seconded by Merrill Douglas, to accept the Treasury Report; the motion carried with all in favor.  

Sharon Canfield reported there are currently 33 members.


1)Rick Shumaker asked for and received volunteers to assist the NY Susquehanna Basin Water Trail project by verifying and/or correcting, in person, access point information as collected by the project. Rick passed out the info sheets and requested them back by April 5. Contact him at paddlerick@gmail.com for additional information or how to support the project.

1)Bob Knight has a canoe for sale. Check our website’s Message Board page for details.

1)The annual picnic has been scheduled for Sunday, August 11, at Dorchester Park, East Pavilion.

1)Tioughnioga Mini-Sojourn - Dave Tanner. Will likely start Saturday, May 4.
2)Delaware River Camping – Donna Brisco, August 19-22. This trip has been filled.

1)Rick Schumaker invites any interested paddlers to go through the “challenging” portions of the local Susquehanna with him, in order to gain a familiarity with sections that we usually skip. 

2)Kevin Millar announced the Owego Rotary Club is sponsoring a public paddle in July, with support of the new business in Owego, Row ‘N Ride.

Dr. Peter Petokas gave a fine presentation on the Eastern Hellbender Salamander. Who knew what lurks below? Dr. Petokas invited our members to join him and his research team to help track hellbenders that have been released in the Unadilla River. We also took a break to take a field trip to the parking lot for a view of the Starlink satellite train. Amazing!

FYI: 2024 COUNCIL MEMBERS:Donna Brisco, Dave Tanner, Ruth Hopkins, Kelly Bates,
Merrill Douglas, Valerie Fulton

Minutes prepared by: Marilyn Wertman