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October 22, 2018

Laura McEntire called the meeting to order at 7:17 p.m. and thanked all who brought refreshments.

Minutes of the September 24, 2018 meeting had been distributed via e-mail to all members. There being no additions or corrections, Kent Foster moved, seconded by Barb Hall, to accept the minutes as presented and the motion carried with all in favor.  

Becky Buchanan presented the report for Linda Breffle for October 2018, indicating beginning balance was $1,231.01. Deposits totaled $15.00, withdrawals totaled $29.99, for an ending balance of $1,216.02. There being no additions or corrections, Claudia Baker moved, seconded by Dennis Healey, to accept the report as presented and the motion carried with all in favor.

Sharon Canfield reports there are 79 members of ACKC. Sharon proposes that if renewing members pay their membership by the end of February (1st meeting), ACKC fee would be $15, $20 if wait until later. Will announce this change at the November banquet. This will ensure that members pay their dues and will make less work for trip leaders. Membership present also discussed the case of a new member who just joined – all agreed her membership will be carried through the coming year without having to pay again for 2019.

Also suggested that the date be removed from the ACKC membership form on the website, thereby eliminating the need to upload a new form each year.

Auditing of books was discussed – both Treasury and Membership. Barb Hall agreed to do this for the club. She’d like to pick up the books at the November banquet meeting.


Don Hall has the following announcements:
1)Friends of the Chemung River are planning a Chemung River Sojourn June 22 & 23 of 2019. Will start in Corning, camp at Grove St. (Elmira) boat launch and then continue to White Wagon Road park (Wilawana). Aaron Meyers will lead. Friends of the Chemung are working on the final arrangements.
2)First weekend of June – annual beginner paddler sessions at the Grove St. boat launch; volunteers always appreciated.

On behalf of Joe Galloway, Kent addressed pool sessions for this winter. Cost will be $150 for ten sessions – need 10 sign-ups minimum in order to run this program. Others can join in on a pay-as-you-go basis of $15 each session; these funds will reduce the cost for the 10-session regulars. Sessions are held at the Owego school pool, 2 hours each Sunday morning for 10 weeks. Club pays the insurance; Linda will pay as soon as she hears from ACA (usually by 11/30/18).  An error in the meeting minutes in regards to the OFA Winter Pool sessions was noted after acceptance of the minutes. The pay-as-you-go cost per session is $30/session, not the stated $15. That includes the $5 ACA Event fee. 

November 12 will be the Annual Banquet, held at the church, starting at 6:30 p.m. This is a potluck affair, please bring a dish to pass. This year we are encouraging all attendees to contribute a small door prize – can be literally anything - hopefully all who attend will leave with something!  

1)Ithaca Canals, October 14, Cass Schiefen, leader. 4 people paddled.
2)Tim, Dennis and Frank did a non-club paddle on the Chenango October 4. Found a kayak, likely taken by high water. Posted a “found” notice on the website.

None scheduled, but if the weather cooperates ….



Sharon Canfield, ACKC Member, presented the Strong Bones Strong Women national program, which she herself instructs twice a week for the Retired Senior Volunteers Program. This involved a set of exercises with ever-increasing weights. Meeting attendees participated and we agreed that we could all use a shape-up!  

Minutes prepared by:
Marilyn Wertman