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February 26, 2024

Dave Tanner began the meeting at 7:10 p.m.  

1)Officers reappointed for 2024:
Treasurer – Tim Brown
Secretary – Marilyn Wertman
Public Relations – Merrill Douglas
2)Hospitality Committee: Marilyn Wertman, Becky Buchanan, Sharon Canfield, Dave Canfield, 
Donna Brisco
3)Conservation/Stewardship Committee: Continues as is, with it being part of our culture
4)Trip Committee: Dave Tanner, Marilyn Wertman, Merrill Douglas
5)Membership Committee: Sharon Canfield, Laura McEntire
6)Website Committee: Marilyn Wertman, Donna Brisco, Merrill Douglas, Ruth Hopkins.  
Dave Tanner and Kelly Bates will monitor ACKC Gmail for incoming inquiries.
7)Nominating Committee: Tim Brown, Ruth Hopkins, Laura McEntire

One Council seat remains open. If interested, contact one of the Committee members.

Minutes of the November 13, 2023, meeting were distributed via e-mail to all members. There being no corrections, Marty Cuff moved, seconded by Becky Buchanan, to accept the minutes; the motion carried with all in favor.  

Tim reported the Treasury for February 2024 had a beginning balance of $1,213.15. There was one deposit for memberships and three withdrawals that included annual ACA insurance dues, meeting room rental and website fee. The ending balance was $939.25. Barb Hall moved, seconded by Charles Jocelyn, to accept the Treasury Report; the motion carried with all in favor.  

Sharon Canfield reported there are 27 members.

1)The club Library has been reorganized and updated by Valerie Fulton This bookcase is located 
along the right wall of our meeting room at the church. Feel free to borrow from it or donate paddling books to it anytime.

1)Merrill Douglas e-mailed the Earth Fest organization to see if they’re holding the event this year. So far she has not received a response. 
2)The annual picnic has been scheduled for Sunday, August 11, at Dorchester Park, East Pavilion.

1)Tioughnioga Mini-Sojourn Dave Tanner. Will likely start in early May, perhaps on Saturdays, 
due to cooler evening temperatures.
2)Delaware River Camping – Donna Brisco, August 19-22. This trip has been filled.

1)Kevin Millar and Rick Schumacher attended a meeting of representatives from Departments of Tourism and Chambers of Commerce from the Elmira/Corning area, as well as Cooperstown. This group wants to create a river trail map and guide of the Chemung/Susquehanna watershed and are looking for input and information from interested paddle groups. Rick would like to see them produce NY paddling maps similar to the great maps that PA puts out. Rick and Kevin would like members of ACKC to show interest and enthusiasm for the group’s efforts by contributing information or support. Contact paddlerick@gmail.com for more information on how to help.

ACKC Member Dave Tanner gave our annual safety presentation, including valuable paddling tips.

FYI: 2024 COUNCIL MEMBERS:Donna Brisco, Dave Tanner, Ruth Hopkins, Kelly Bates,
Merrill Douglas, Valerie Fulton

Minutes prepared by: Marilyn Wertman